Your health and safety are top priorities as we begin scheduling a new series of recruitment tours for 2022. Throughout this pandemic, we have been actively monitoring updates from several countries around the world. We live in challenging and uncertain times, but it is our hope that we will all be traveling again in the spring of 2022. We understand that the success of future recruitment tours depend on several factors: government regulations, health mandates, safety precautions, and vaccination requirements.

We are committed to implementing specific precautions on upcoming tours to help protect our participants, while also protecting the many wonderful teachers and students abroad with whom we interact. We require that all tour participants be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to departure. In addition, we also ask that each tour participant be familiar with the list below. The precautions listed should serve as a guide when preparing to join a student recruitment tour with WREN.  


Social Distancing: to be encouraged during college fairs, land transfers, meals, airport check-in, hotel check-in, and other high traffic activities.

Face Masks: to be encouraged during college fairs, flights, land transfers, and all high traffic public spaces according to local regulations.

Hand Washing: sanitizer to be provided; hand washing recommended before/after college fairs, flights, meals, and other social activities.