We expect all tour participants to maintain a professional level of conduct throughout each tour program. Your behavior will be a reflection of your school’s values and expectations, so please keep that in mind during both professional and personal activities. We ask you to also be familiar with these guidelines and expectations that we follow during school fairs (similar to those described on the NACAC website):
  • Wren Tours recommends professional attire. Dress to best represent your school.
  • Wren Tours will provide travel lanyards with inserted name tags. You should still bring and wear an official name badge from your institution.
  • Participants must be punctual for all bus transfers, school visits, and flights. Please be mindful of scheduled pick-up times.
  • Recruitment and distribution of literature is restricted to behind the parameters of your table,
  • Audio-visual volume should be kept to a minimum as not to interfere with other exhibitors.
  • Demonstrations such as food preparation, mascots, drawings (raffles), competitions, or similar activities are not permitted.
  • Displays must be kept at the display table and should not exceed the height of the table or obstruct the view of adjacent exhibitors.
  • Aisles must be kept completely clear of materials and displays.
  • Open flames, butane gas, oxygen tanks or other flammable substances are not permitted.
  • Items may not be attached to any structures in the facility including columns, walls, floors, etc.
  • Promotional giveaways are prohibited. Only literature pertaining to the college or university is permitted. The following are examples of prohibited materials: keychains, water bottles, t-shirts, food/candy, bags. Pens are acceptable.